Brief Project Overview

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Ciphered is a personal project I've been working on that involves simple encryption methods that have been used throughout the course of history. Currently there are two types that are functional. 1. Substitution Cipher 2. Vigenère Cipher which are both a type of polyalphabetic cipher.

Substitution Cipher

The substitution cipher is a fairly simple way of encoding plaintext into ciphertext. It essentially replaces every plaintext character for a different ciphertext character. This type of cipher provides very little security, as it can be easily deciphered, especially when the message is long. The longer the message, the more common characters will be spotted.

Caesar Cipher

Caesar cipher is one of the earliest known ciphers. It's a simple substitution cipher which shifts a plaintext character N number of places. Essentially with a Key Shift: 2 => A would become C, B would become D, and so forth.


ROT13 Cipher

ROT13 Cipher is a type of substitution cipher that has a set character offset of 13 places.